WeatherVelo is working to produce human-electric hybrids: efficient personal transport for towns, cities and suburbs. These lightweight practical vehicles can improve your fitness, help the environment and ease traffic congestion.

A new vehicle is currently being developed (2020), building on 16 years of R&D experience and in conjunction with other specialists from England, Slovakia and Germany. Bridging the gap between two-wheelers and cars it offers stability, weather protection and good road presence.

Exercise while you travel, or cruise with electric power: pedals and motor are complementary yet independent. The new WeatherVelo vehicle is legally classified as a moped in the UK and EU, so you can keep pace with urban traffic at speeds up to 45km/h (28mph) – this is almost twice that allowed for electrically assisted pedal cycles (pedelecs).

Check back here for pictures and further details as they become available later in the year.

Coronavirus: engineering work continues despite lockdown restrictions, due to computer aided design enabling remote working and prototyping. Thanks to all health and care workers! Keep well.

To learn more about the design and engineering of velomobiles (human powered vehicles) please see